Balance Spray
Balance Spray

All-Natural Mood Enhancer


Calm your brain and body, in 2-5 min! Introducing BALANCE - your daily, mood-boosting, nutritional supplement spray.

Our team and crew of testers have reported that Balance Spray helps quickly:

  • Alleviate Restlessness and Increase Relaxation
  • Smooth and Stable Energy
  • Extended Positivity and Euphoria
  • Centered Joyfulness and Inner Happiness
  • Heightened Senses and Creativity
  • Mellow out even when there's a full moon
  • Mellow out PMS and cramps


1 spritz under the tongue can boost your mood within 2-5 min!

Vegan, Organic, & Sustainably Sourced

Our products are made of a scientific blend of the most potent, pure, healthy, and powerful nutrients available. We work closely with farmers, extractors, and formulators to ensure strict organic and sustainable practices are followed.

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Gluten & Allergen Free

We believe that everybody should have access to clean supplements without having to worry about sensitivities.

Safe & Effective

Our formulators have 25+ years of experience on top of 50+ hours a week of research and development to ensure that your blends provide you with the life-enhancing experience you desire while also contributing to your thriving health and wellness.

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One Spritz Lasts 2-4 Hours!

You deserve to feel like yourself again, and fast! Spritz BALANCE 1-4 times for a quick pick-me-up and get back to who you want to be. (how you want to feel)

BALANCE gives you the safe & quick, elevated & enhanced moods you deserve.

  • Creates a Calm and Centered Feeling
  • Supports a Positive Mood
  • May Increase Your Optimism and Zest for Life
  • Helps You Feel More Loving 
  • Can Reduce Social Anxiety
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Balance is my go-to for irritability and anxiety.

Sarah A. - Seattle, WA

I almost feel euphoric when I take Balance on an empty stomach.

Sam D. - New York, NY

My social anxiety is gone with one cap. I can totes brave this weird place.

Lizzy J.- Boston, MA

We so Sensitive ;) It's ok if you are too.

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egg free





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