The Moon

Meaning of the Moon

The Moon signifies your basic emotional patterns, your habits, unconscious attitudes and feelings and whether or not you feel supported within the universe. The Moon also tells a great deal about your attitude toward your own past and the historical past. The placement of the Moon often describes your relationship with your mother.

The Moon sign, which is the most important sign after those of the Sun and the Ascendant, describes how you express your emotions and how well you deal with them.

Your moon sign represents your emotions, your habits, and your conscious and unconscious attitudes toward yourself and others. It reflects how you as an individual may find security in yourself and in your life.


Find your moon sign below to see your characteristics. If you do not know your moon sign, get a free natal chart here.


Moon in Aries

You feel what inspired and inspire those around you into action. You are not fearful of new experiences and your charismatic energy is uplifting for those around you. Your tribe is essential

You are very high spirited and quite courageous, although other people may not realize this until they have made you angry. You are quite independent, and you do not care if anyone agrees with you.

When your feelings are aroused, you are impulsive and careless. However, when you settle down, you forget your anger very quickly and don't hold a grudge. As you grow older, you must learn to be more in control of yourself.

What they oversee: Creating/Directing

Their gift in empowerment: Creativity/Inspiration

What they struggle with: Anger, bossiness, resignation

How they want to feel: In control, respected, inspiring

Moon in Leo

You consider yourself important and want to do things that will make other people proud of you. But most of all you must be proud of yourself.

In a group, you try to be the outstanding person one way or another. You take your feelings very seriously and are inclined to emphasize or exaggerate them when talking to others.

Above all, you feel the need to be yourself, and you do not easily act as other people want you to.

You are emotionally very warm, and if you like someone you let him or her know it. But you need love and affection too, and above all, reassurance. The better you feel about yourself, the less you feel the need to show off.

What they oversee: Fighting/Leading

Their gift in empowerment: Ascension/divinity

What they struggle with: Irresponsibility, disempowerment, ego

How they want to feel: Confident, self-assured, grounded

Moon in Sagittarius

You are an idealist who wants the world to be grand and good and beautiful. You want people to be good and noble and are very disappointed when they are not.

You are so concerned with the important things in life that sometimes you forget about little matters that really have to be done. You are very independent and resent anyone who tries to keep you from doing what you want.

You are optimistic and cheerful, and you can't stay sad for very long. Usually you feel good about life, and you try to make others around you feel that way also. People will like you for this.

When you are an adult, you will be interested in any subject that teaches you more about the universe and your place in it.

What they oversee: Adventuring/Teaching

Their gift in empowerment: Knowledge/Direction

What they struggle with: Sensitivity (tact), sensibility, preparedness

How they want to feel: Fortuous, enthusiastic, engaged

Moon in Taurus

You like warmth, comfort and the security of familiar surroundings. A very loving and affectionate person, you also need love and affection from the people around you.

You are very patient and do not get upset easily. You are supportive and helpful to those who need it.

Sometimes you find it hard to get going. You may be reluctant to leave a comfortable situation and go out to get some work done.

Emotionally you are very stubborn.

You hold onto money, and you try to find ways of earning more, not because you are selfish, but because you like security.

What they oversee: Beginning a project

Their gift in empowerment: Fearlessness

What they struggle with: Laziness, fear of failure, overwhelm.

How they want to feel: Excited, grounded, confident.

Moon in Virgo

You are a rather serious but usually cheerful person. When you realize that you have to do something, you are willing to go out and do it. You like to make things, which you may become quite good at, because you are a careful worker.

You are neat and like order around you at all times. It bothers you to have anything out of place. You are concerned with your health, and you follow the best health habits you know.

When you are with others, you keep to yourself, for you are somewhat shy. You should learn to recognize your own merits and not be so self-critical.

You like to be useful and to help other people, because it makes you feel more worthwhile. But make sure that you really want to do those favors, because if you do them unwillingly, people won't get much out of them.

What they oversee: Completing a project

Their gift in empowerment: Growth

What they struggle with: Receiving contribution, letting go.

How they want to feel: Motivated, appreciated, listened to, in control.

Moon in Capricorn

You are serious and somewhat shy. You like to achieve and get work done, because it makes you feel good to know that you have done something worthwhile.

However, you are somewhat uncomfortable with your feelings. They almost seem out of place inside you, a source of difficulty instead of pleasure. You don't show your loving feelings very readily, but you need love as much as anyone else.

You are very practical and ambitious. When you are older, you will want to have an important position in the world, and you will work hard to get it.

This is one of the lessons you must learn: Not to be so hard on yourself.

Remember that your needs for comfort, security and love are real needs, and you will not be really happy if you always deny them.

What they oversee: Success/Continued success of a project

Their gift in empowerment: Prosperity

What they struggle with: Fairness & connection.

How they want to feel: Secure, consistent, successful.

Moon in Gemini

Your emotions change very rapidly, and you are quite restless. You get bored rather quickly, and your attention tends to wander if you have to keep it fixed on one object too long. But you are very curious and eager to try out every new experience.

You enjoy traveling as a chance to have new experiences. And you feel the same way about new ideas, wanting to learn everything there is to learn.

One very good feature of this Moon position is that you will probably learn to let your intellect control your emotions. In situations where others act wildly and emotionally, you can keep your cool and see what is really happening.

What they oversee: Duality/Polarity

Their gift in empowerment: Inner peace

What they struggle with: Authenticity, impact of their actions.

How they want to feel: Social, understood, well liked.

Moon in Libra

You like life to be beautiful and prefer not to think about things that aren't pleasant. You are affectionate, warm and friendly, but you may overlook other people's faults that you should keep in mind. You are a peace-loving person and do not like to start fights with others.

You very much like to be with a group of friends so that you can talk and be friendly with everyone. But when there is work to be done you may try to use sweet talk to get out of work or to get someone else to do it. But people will like you anyway, not for the charm you use to get out of trouble, but for your real charms. Really you are a friendly and loving person, and you should try to develop that side of yourself.

What they oversee: Balance

Their gift in empowerment: Harmony

What they struggle with: Commitment, contentment, satisfaction.

How they want to feel: Calm, loved, harmonious.

Moon in Aquarius

You are always restless and looking for new experiences. Later in your life you may travel a lot just to experience as much of the world as possible.

However, your view of the world is colored strongly by your emotions, and your thinking may not be objective and clear.

The Moon indicates that you really hold on to whatever you learn, so you must be very careful about what you do learn. If you want to see the world, try not to be limited by the ideas you bring with you from earliest childhood.

What they oversee: Evolution/Transmutation.

Their gift in empowerment: Letting go

What they struggle with: Difference of opinion, selfishness for a cause.

How they want to feel: Acknowledged, respected.

Moon in Cancer

Because Cancer is the sign most closely connected with the Moon, you can be very strong and secure emotionally.

Being close to your mother is especially important, and you need a lot of love and affection from her as well as from others in your family. When you're older, you'll be very good at giving the same kind of support to others and taking care of people in need.

Feelings are more important to you than logical thinking, which seems cold or boring.

You are easily hurt by criticism. It's not that you are weak or fragile, but that you are unusually sensitive to other people's feelings.

What they oversee: Birth

Their gift: Love

What they struggle with: Trust, self expression.

How they want to feel: Secure, loved, contributing to.

Moon in Scorpio

You have very intense feelings, which can be a strong force in your life. But you may find it hard to understand your feelings, because they are so complicated and deep. You want your whole life to be intense and very deep.

If you don't get a great deal of reassurance from the people who are close to you, you will feel lonely and misunderstood.

You are very fond of anything secret and mysterious, such as stories about the supernatural. Your need to learn about yourself will help you understand others as well.

Try not to get so wrapped up in your emotions, however. It would be better not to take them so seriously.

What they oversee: Death

Their gift: Passion

What they struggle with: Being closed off, grief, change, other people's expectations.

How they want to feel: Understood, accepted, loved unconditionally.

Moon in Pisces

You are a very sensitive person with strong feelings. If someone makes a harsh remark, you take it very hard. In fact, one of your tasks in life will be to develop a thicker skin. But your sensitivity is good because it makes you kinder and more considerate of others. But you should stay away from people who are always negative, because you pick up and react to their feelings very quickly.

You have a rich and lively imagination, which can make you very creative.

As you get older, you may develop an interest in the occult and supernatural.

You are very likely to avoid conflicts, even when you should defend your own ideas. If you do not stand up for yourself, you may attract people who will exploit you and take advantage of you.

What they oversee: Reincarnation.

Their gift: Understanding

What they struggle with: Telling people what to do, judgement, flightiness.

How they want to feel: Respected, listened to, a contribution, sought after.