How will I feel after taking this?

People have reported elevated levels of mood and less anxiety.

How do I take it?

Spray: Take 1-4 sprays under your tongue.
Do Not Exceed the recommended dosage of 12 sprays in 12 hours.

Capsule: Take 1 Capsule on an Empty Stomach with 250-500ml (6-8oz) of Water.
Or take 60 minutes after a meal. Do Not Exceed the recommended dosage of 3 (2 for Focus) capsules in 12 hours.

Consult your Health Care Practitioner if you have any negative health conditions, or are sensitive to increases in Dopamine or Serotonin.

BALANCE will increase natural energy and Dopamine & Serotonin levels.

Physical Movement, Coffee, Tea & Alcohol will increase the effects of BALANCE.

Keep out of reach from Children & Pets.

Is it Vegan, Gluten Free, and Allergen Free?


Our products are made of a scientific blend of the most potent, pure, healthy, and powerful nutrients available. We work closely with farmers, extractors, and formulators to ensure strict organic and sustainable practices are followed.

We believe that everybody should have access to clean supplements without having to worry about sensitivities.

Is it safe?

Our formulators have 25+ years of experience on top of 50+ hours a week of research and development to ensure that your blends provide you with the life-enhancing experience you desire while also contributing to your thriving health and wellness.