Join in the fun as we nourish our bodies, minds, and souls by combining unique astrology readings and custom nutrients here at Astro Joy.

Modern Astrology dates back to 2400 BC! Plant medicine and astrology came together around 331 BC, that was 2351 years ago!!

AstroJoy uses modern science and ancient wisdom to create powerful, pharmaceutical grade, plant-based products just for you.



Your moon sign represents your emotions, your habits, and your conscious and unconscious attitudes toward yourself and others. It reflects how you as an individual may security within yourself and in your life.

Each sign has a different set of efficiencies and deficiencies emotionally and physically. We are able to take this information in relationship to the moon, which allows us to recommend and develop products for each sign.

Our My Astro Box subscription is designed to supplement the effects of the full and new moon with your sign in mind.



Our products are made of a scientific blend of the most potent, pure, healthy and powerful nutritionals available. We blend organic, plant-based, brain-enhancing nutrients, choline donors, adaptogens, neuro stimulants and a number of other all natural elements that support your optimum performance.

We pride ourselves on 25+ years of experience on top of 50+ hours a week of research and development to ensure that our proprietary products provide you with the life-enhancing experience you desire while also contributing to your thriving health and wellness.

We work closely with our farmers, extractors and labs to ensure strict organic and sustainable practices are followed.