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Join in the fun as we nourish our bodies, minds, and souls by combining unique astrology readings and custom nutrients here at Astro Joy.

Nicole Donnelly

My moon is in Taurus, which is a super emotionally grounded place for your moon to be and I sure need it. I'm a Sag Sun and Ascendent! I'm very firey and could be like a kite without a string if my moon wasn't so grounding.

My name is Nicole Donnelly and I started Astro Joy to help create more emotional balance in my life. Time is finite and our energy levels is what can be altered. In my search to feel better more than just one week a month, I tried so many different things.

Nootropics have been the most amazing and effective elements in this journey. I can better regulate my emotions and now I can help my teenage daughter do the same. It's amazing the difference it makes, especially when we are in sync ;) Ladies, you know what I'm talking about!

Back in 2001, I was 23 years old I broke my leg, doing Big Air, snowboarding at the XGames in Mt. Snow, VT and I had to be non-weight bearing for 9 1/2 weeks! I ordered piles of natural medicine books and astrology books off of eBay and learned how to draw astrological charts and manage my pain 100% naturally.

That's right, I broke my tibia, fibula, and medial malleolus and I didn't take any prescription painkillers or anti-inflammatory meds. Before this, I'd suffered many injuries while snowboarding and managed the pain naturally. From naively downing a pitcher of beer when I was 21 and accidently went head first off of a 30ft. cornice where I broke my helmet, concussed my head, and severely damaged my neck, to a much more sophisticated regimen that later included Reiki and a variety natural medicines.

I've spent my life as an athlete, with a side hustle or as an entrepreneur with athletic habits. These habits range from triathlons to ultra-marathons and now to pilates reformer and spending time at the longevity lounge regularly repairing myself :)

I love learning more about the body as scientists discover more. It's fascinating how we are built to thrive and some simple nutrients can unlock so much peace and performance that's just waiting dormant there for us. With the powerful combination of astrology, we now know when to take what, for even more effective use of these nutrients.

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