What are Nootropics?

The term "nootropic" is derived from the Ancient Greek words νόος (nóos) meaning "mind" and τροπή (tropḗ) meaning "a turning".

Why would you want your "mind turned"?

Have you ever had PMS where you feel super emotional?

Felt super irritable for no reason?

Angsty around a full moon?

Super tired or down around the new moon?

And you don't want to feel that way???

I get this. I notice the welling up of emotion and then look up where the moon is and, it's full or almost full. I feel exhausted and again look up where the moon and planets are and, sure enough, it's around the new moon! I couldn't deny the correlation to my emotional cycles and the moon cycles.

I was only feeling "good" for about a week out of every month and I work out, meditate daily, eat well, WTF!? That is not ok with me!

So, I started to experiment on myself, I asked doctors and naturopaths, what they recommend for the various feelings and moods and I might be lacking nutritionally.

I learned about L-theanine, an essential amino acid, which within 20 minutes takes me from irritable to chill. Why didn't I know about this years ago???

L-theanine is considered a NOOTROPIC. I went on a search for more "mind" "turning" supplements and found that so many are fiercely masculine and male-focused. I didn't need a testosterone boost!

I wanted peace, balance, creativity, energy for pilates, yoga, and to feel loving towards my daughter and hubby.

The mind or brain chemistry controls your emotions so you need to alter your mind to alter how you feel.

This can happen naturally through meditationmindfulnessexercise, and even simply by walking outside and getting some fresh air. When you need more than that, NOOTROPICS can help you feel more chill, more inspired, more creative, more focused, more loving and basically more YOU!

All you need to do is sign up for a monthly subscription and take the capsules and use the sprays as recommended and see the results for yourself!


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