Saturn and Jupiter Conjunction in Aquarius

We’re saying good-bye to 2020 with a big event that’s happening on Monday, December 21st  as the much anticipated planetary change of Saturn and Jupiter meeting in Aquarius is happening on this day. 

Saturn entered Aquarius on Thursday, December 17th and Jupiter is coming to join him and they’re meeting at 0 degrees. Why is this important? Every time an outer planet changes signs is a big deal given that they move at a slower pace than inner planets. Although these two planets are going to be in the same sign of Aquarius, they’re not going to always be on the same degree, which in astrology it’s called a conjunction. Most importantly, they only meet every 20 years. Jupiter spends approximately one year in each sign, while Saturn spends approximately 2.5 years in a sign. Meaning that Jupiter enters Aquarius and takes off (of course it will retrograde) and Saturn is slowly making himself comfortable taking its time cruising through Aquarius. 

But, what do Saturn and Jupiter represent? Saturn on its highest energy represents the work we need to do, structure, commitment; on it’s challenging energy it represents restrictions, discipline, lessons to be learned. I’m not going to sugarcoat Saturn as it’s not about rainbows and unicorns. Saturn demands work but it’s for your highest good. And, Jupiter on it’s highest energy represents expansion, opportunity and joy; on it’s lowest energy it represents overindulgence. Aquarius sign represents technology, innovations, humanitarian causes (charities/activism), changes, being different and freedom.


This means Saturn and Jupiter are going to be doing a beautiful dance together. Where Jupiter brings abundance, Saturn says save some too - don’t spend it all! Jupiter is like that carefree friend that just wants to have tons of fun and Saturn is that friend who pulls you away right before you get in trouble. It’s a good combo. We are all going to be influenced by their dance. It’s just that we are all going to feel it in different ways. Oohh and this is happening on the day of the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere (Summer in the Southern Hemisphere). And, we just had the eclipse on December 14th - eclipses call for change in your life. Talk about an interesting timing of events!


Can’t ignore the Winter Solstice as it represents the changing of seasons from Fall to Winter and from Sagittarius to Capricorn but that’s on another blog. On this day, do a quick journey inwards to honor it. Burn sage to clear the air (make sure windows are open while you do it), burn incense, essential oils. Pull some oracle cards. Hold your favorite crystal in your hands and take deep breaths. A little connection with yourself doesn’t have to be fancy. Don’t do it for the ’gram, do it for yourself! 


Back to Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius. Read below your SUN sign to see what area in your life these planets will influence you:


ARIES - your focus will be on communities, inner purpose, humanitarian causes, groups, friends, social awareness, technology, hopes and wishes, the future. 


TAURUS - your focus will be on career, long-term goals, structure, status, reputations, public image, material success and position, duty, responsibility, achievement.  


GEMINI - your focus will be on travel, wisdom, higher learning, law & religion, search for meaning, wisdom, other cultures, foreign lands. 


CANCER - your focus will be on intimacy, shared finances, taxes, assets, joint ventures, sex and power, transformation, healing. 


LEO - your focus will be on relationships, marriage, contracts, business partners, how you relate to others, cooperation, personal relationships. 


VIRGO - your focus will be on health, work habits, organization, sense of usefulness, service, self-improvement, duty and responsibility. 


LIBRA - your focus will be on romance, love, play, creativity, fertility, joy, self-expression, pleasure. 


SCORPIO - your focus will be on your home, family, self-care, emotional security, nurturing, domestic life. 


SAGITTARIUS - your focus will be on how you communicate, mental activity, social activity/interests, cleverness, the mind/thinking. 


CAPRICORN - your focus will be on money, income, what you value, sense of self-worth, material possessions, self-esteem, attitude about money. 


AQUARIUS - your focus will be on the Self. Self-development, self-awareness, identity, approach to life, the physical body, appearances, beginnings. 


PISCES - your focus will be on spirituality, what’s hidden, healing, closure, the subconscious. 


A great book to read now is Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. If you have read it, I suggest rereading it as it may give you some new insights. Aquarius is about innovations and ideas and having Saturn (the old ruler of Aquarius before Uranus was discovered) and Jupiter (the planet of expansion) in this sign, it’s a good time to get your brainstorming going.


Keep in mind the above is for your Sun sign only. If you know your natal chart, you can check what house Saturn and Jupiter are going to transit. You can check to check that. This serves as a good complement; your natal chart is unique to you. 


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Wishing you a great Winter Solstice if you’re on this part of the world and a great Summer Solstice if you’re on the Southern Hemisphere!


Resident Astrologer at AstroJoy
Lucia Robelo