Astro Joy Meditation Group on Facebook

astro joy meditation

We are hosting the first of many meditations to come! You may request to join the Astro Joy Meditation group here on Facebook. If you are not on FB we'll be offering other options to join in shortly.

We will be starting with Deepak Chopra's 21-day Abundance Meditation Series.

Why we love to meditate:

  • It helps you start the day with a chill mindset
  • You can imagine our future and design it clearly
  • It helps you deal with stress
  • It helps you get to SLEEP - deeply & quickly
  • You can use it to nap too!
  • You can do it laying down in bed or anywhere
  • You can do it in small or large doses
  • You can do it when you are sick and feel better
  • It helps you heal your body
  • It helps you stay well
  • It helps you connect with yourself
  • You can do fun meditations and "travel"
  • You can meet your spirit guides
  • You can find peace of mind, anywhere, anytime
  • It's FREE